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Desktop Operating Systems and Recovery topics

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    yesterday my computer was woeking fine without any additional additions to my computer,except for automatic updates by windows,today my computer is stuck in automatic repair,when i try to do anything it wont respond.


    I Created a repair disc to try and i could load it because for some reason pressing f2 wont work,i managed to turn off automatic repair but i get the following error codes


    file - bootvid.dll

    error code - 0xc0000102


    ive been trying to fix this all day and so far no solution has worked,when i switch screens it goes to hdmi then back to analog and refuses to let me work,cant press anything to help it along,so now im stuck as to what to do,ever since turning automatic repair off i cant even open windows i get a specific page telling me to press either of several buttons,but i cant because its like its stuck in analog mode,cant change num lock or caps lock,cant press enter to do something its frozen,what do i do before i have to fully wipe everything and start again

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  • 07/17/16--16:38: hard drive crash recovery
  • Hard drive failed and I tried to use Restore Plus CD.  It insists that it wants "home edition" and I have "professional".  It doesn't give me a list of options: just the one.


    Note:  This happened before and after much go round someone at HP mailed me a stack of five disks with restore plus, the operating system, drivers, etc.  I used them then and it worked.  I don't know where it is getting the idea I have "home edition".  I've tried my own Restore plus CD and theirs.  What can I do now?

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    I was resetting my computer when one of my kids unplugged it when I start it back up all it does is load at start up only thing it shows is the hp logo nothing else also when I try to you the keyboard or mouse wont work

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  • 07/17/16--18:11: 2210m Rotated Display
  • Hello. I'm a newby & novice. Need helpful guidance for a strange problem. Hope I have the correct place to ask

    Have the 2210m, 21 inch monitor connected to desktop [WIN 8.1]. Had been wokirng well. Then I was in travel , the unit was dormant for quite awhile. Now that I'm back, attempted to boot up and start work. The display has rotated 90 degrees. I'm not sure why or how to correcrt this. Any help for me?

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  • 07/17/16--18:27: Boot Device Not Found
  • I bought a 500GB hard drive for my HP Pavilion 23 all in one desktop computer and I switched out the hard drives and when I turn on my computer a blue screen pops up and says


    Boot Device Not Found


    Please install an operating system on your hard disk.


    Hard Disk - (3FO).


    F2 - System Diagnostics 


    For more information, please visit:



    Please can someone help me.

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    Hi I recently purchased a 600 G2 SFF that was shipped with Win7-64 Pro, but was supposed toinclude a license for Win 10 Pro. The unit shipped with a Win7 DVD and an HP driver DVD, but instead of a Win10 DVD or license, they included a phamplet that stated that I was eligible to receive one copy of Windows 10 recovery media and HP driver media. I was insutructed to register my computer and request my copy. I registered my computer, but it was not at all clear as to how I could get my copy of either media (Win10 and HP driver). Can anybody provide me a link or URL that will allow me to get these media (which I am assuming should be free of charge)? And, will the Win10 Pro OS have its own key, or is the key on the machine good for both Win7 Pro and Win10 Pro? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I was initially told that these would be included with my PC:


    "This system is pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) software and also comes with a license and media for Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) software."





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    My 2009 HP Pavilion p6150t originally came with free upgrade to Windows 7 from windows Vista... I haven't used this computer for a while, but now decided to bring it back to life, as it used to be the top of the line machine... So the 1st thing I did is recovered it to the iriginal condition when it was brand new. So it went back to Windows Vista.


    How do I upgrade it back to Windows 7 now?

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    HDD is completey wiped and no system info also have tried the F11 keys and it too is no go..... can I get discs to restore from HP

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    I'm not very tech savvy at all I've tried reading up on this a bit and I know that you aren't supposed to use up the space to store anything on it or modify it in any way I tried going to folders and search options and showing hidden files and what not but only the usual files show up like bootmgr CSP .DAT boot preload SRECYCLE.BIN and a few others that all seem normal I'm only upset and confused about having 2.22 GB free space left on HP-RECOVERY (D) because of the fact that in the past I believe I had almost all 18 GB free and when I started saving lots of pictures and word documents to my computer that's when I noticed the space becoming less I recently put all of my pictures and music on external flash drives and then proceeded to delete them from the computer itself and empty the recycle bin hoping that it would free up space but it hasn't changed at all I still only have 2.22 GB left I also tried clicking on tools checking for errors in (D) but nothing was found to be wrong so I'm really confused about what exactly took up that extra space because it didn’t come like that when I purchased my desktop the only other thing I can think of is when I had a virus last year that seems to have messed up the system restore function this might not be related but I remember reading that I should click on computer properties and then system protection to see the available drives on protection settings and make sure that HP-RECOVERY (D) isn't checked or on and it isn't its off.. so any ideas?


    PS: Sorry if I post this in the wrong section this is my first time asking a question on here.HPhelp1.png

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    I am trying to install all the drivers for my HP ProDesk 600 G2, but after trying everything on the support site I cannot seem to get the correct drivers for the PCI Serial Port & the PCI Simple Communications Controller.  Hardware IDs as follows ->


    PCI Serial Port:






    PCI Simple Communications Controller:






    Thank You!


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    I installed Windows 10 last year in June 2015.  Now I am beginning to have various issues with my Touch Smart 520-1030 PC.  Each time I turn on my Touchsmart, it takes about 6 to 8 minutes to boot up.  When it finally boots up and I sign in, my applications reappear but all of my documents and music that I have placed on the hard drive are no longer on the hard drive.  I have to keep downloading all of my files and music on my hard drive since I have backed up all of those files on a USB flash drive.


    In addition,  I tried to use the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to resolve the issue but it will stop and the pop up window displays the following message:  Windows 10 will not run on this PC.  Here is why Windows 10 can't be installed.  The display is not compatible with Windows 10.  Check with the manufacturer for support.  How do I resolve these issues? 

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  • 07/18/16--10:27: Crash
  • My new HP Envy keeps crashing for no reason. I keep having to completely turn it off with the on/off button. And when I turn it on it takes forever to even boot up. Then it want let me type in my password. If it actually lets me log on, then it won't let me start up apps. It says that the apps are not responding. This is frustrating because I bought the HP thinking it would be better than my dell that constantly crashed. And the amount of money you pay for this computer means it shouldn't be this bad already. No where near what I was expecting and it's a major let down. I have all of my web surfing protected. And it's been doing this since the first day. So it's not a virus.

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    How can you reset your password without a password recovery disc?

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  • 07/18/16--13:52: no device manager
  • Cannot access the internet - being locked out of device manager -Any suggestions???

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    This post isn't about a problem with a device but looking for information instead.


    So as some of you know Windows 10 is going to become a paid version soon. What happens if I want to fresh install Windows 10? The key will not work as it's corresponding to Windows 8 at least in my case and from Windows 8 I will not be able to upgrade anymore for free. Does that mean if I want to fresh install windows 10 I would need to go back to a backup which isn't that "fresh" or would I need to buy windows 10?


    Thank you for any information! Smiley Happy

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  • 07/18/16--16:17: Recovery issue
  • Moved to Notebooks for better support.

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  • 07/18/16--23:36: FW Bricked my Display
  • Hi


    I have a HP Omni 27-1020a Desktop PC which when on Windows 10 the menu buttons down the side were not responding. 


    I went on search in the forums and found this post which is similar to my problem.



    Stupidly though i installed this file on my desktop which was mentioned in the comment. Warning DO NOT INSTALL IT.


    Quote from post above and i have modified the link so it doesn't work. I dont want anyone to run this file.


    Softpaq you need to download FTP: (This softpaq is only for HP- ENVY Recline 23K-100, Do Not Apply for other units)


    When i ran the file all the colours of the screen were changing colours as ifg it was callibrating itself. After about 20 minutes i powered off and on but it has now bricked it. When i power my HP Omni 27-1020a Desktop PC on it boots but with no display. The dscreen is black and i can hear it boot to Windows but no matter i cant get a display on my screen.


    Can anyone help because HP are quoting hundreds of $$$ to replace parts but have not tried to really investigate the issue.


    THank you

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  • 07/19/16--00:28: black screen nothing happens
  • Hi everybody, 

    I hope somebody can help me with this issue with my pavilion P6-2083IT.


    Basically, I formatted my desktop 5 days ago and did the upgrade from windows 7 to 10. Everything worked until yesterday when I restarted the computer and the only thing it showed was the HP starting screen for less than 1 second, then the screen turned black with a flashing  _  on the left top of the screen and that's it.


    I run the vision hardware diagnostics and all the tests passed (CPU, hard drive, boot test, S.M.A.R.T test, memory) but when I reboot nothing changes and I can only see the black screen with the flashing _


    I also tried to disconnect any device and unplugged the power cable. No changes after.


    Any suggestions?


    Thanks a lot for your help and time.

    Have a good day


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    I have a HP Pavilion dm4-1177ee Entertainment Notebook PC . The hard disk has crashed and I donot have any recovery CD. Bought a new HD, Need the original windows 7 64 bit OS. Please help me download the software.

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  • 07/19/16--07:13: HP Envy M6 Blank screen
  • I have an HP Envy M6-1125dx Notebook, yesterday morning it was working perfectly, then i left it idle for like 20 minutes only to come back to a blank screen, tried restarting it several times with no luck, googled for solutions and so far i have tried all given solutions; Windows + B + Power key, Tried the Bios Recovery solution using a USB flash drive, tried hard reseting it but it still displays a blank screen. Please help.

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