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Desktop Operating Systems and Recovery topics

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    benn trying to do a factory rstore with factory discs get stuck at a black screen  calling maestro tues0/1/01/2002 maestro.cmn  started searching for user partition  then a administrator box apears on botton corner of screen also [Meastro.cmd] shows up help please tryed many 6imes with discs from hp  have made it thru to os but crashed when updating  top of black box select x:\windows\system\32\cmd.exe-startnet.cmd hope i put what info any body might need to help thanks  ouch 1952  ps the video card has been rmoved  a nivdia burned up over heated

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  • 06/23/16--15:24: my computer won't start up
  • Where do i get a recovery disk

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    Hi, I have recently purchased a customized Phoenix 850 qe desktop from HP.


    The only problem I have is that the fan noise from the PC is too annoying.


    Is there any way I can solve this problem?


    Thanks !




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  • 06/24/16--03:44: Windows OEM
  • Wouldn't it be easier for us if HP make the windows OEM available for download and make it available for registered pproducts and users. As HP recovery has caused us many problems regarding recovery.

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    Wondering if/when windows 10 drivers will be available for XW6600?  Is there a way to keep up to date on this?  


    I have win 10 pro running (it is very fast and efficient); however, there are some issues and Microsoft will not support the system because there are no HP wx6600 system dirvers.


    Thank you in advance!

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    I love Linux, but sometimes i do it wrong.

    Aaccidentally First HD Fdisck delited.

    I have a recovery USB, but i can find them....


    I will windows back.




    W8 i have update to W10....


    i bought it 29-01-2014









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    I have the same machine, and I am running windows 10 Home the only problem is none of my drivers well update. How do I fix this problem?

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  • 06/24/16--17:57: Motherboard operation manual
  • Can any tell me where I can download a owners (operation) manual for a PEGATRON IPP7-M5 Motherboard? It's installed in my HP 600-1050 touchscreen computer.

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    hi Smiley Happy I have a touchsmart 310-1110a all in one pc. ive had it since 2009. its great! but it is getting too slow for what i need so im upgrading to a HP laptop and giving the pc to my daughter. i would like to get rid of all the crap that i have on it so my 14 yr old can use it for her assignments etc.

    Im assuming i can rest it to its windows 7 factory defults and erase all the software ive loaded onto it and all my work files out of the hard drive??

    If so how an i do this?? i cant seem to find anywhere in the support assistant that tells me what to do.


    also if i back the pc up first can i transfer all my stuff to the new laptop as it will be hp too?


    thank you so much for your help!!!


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  • 06/25/16--05:45: Hard Drive Fail
  • Hi,

    I am suffering from a hard drive issue and my knowledge on computers is very limited. I am not sure this is the correct place to be asking this question but i am in need of advice and have no other options.

    This morning i switched on our family computer (HP Touchsmart 520 PC)and it failed to start properly. I ran a hard drive diagnotsics and it came back saying that hard drive connection test had failed with the error code: 3FO. The CPU and Memory test both passed.


    I was hoping someone could offer me advice on how to proceed. Hopefully the information i have given is sufficient.



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    After browsing sites by chrome I had big lag and and everything freezed. Next I saw an error with blue screen - watchdog_violation or something like that. I restared my pc and from that moment I lost access for my data and everything. There is huuge problem with my hard drive.. I checked it with diagnosis (f2 in bios) but it says that my hard drive cant be found or he failed. Please help! I have alot of documents in my hdd. P.s. All hdd cables are checked.


    CPU test - passed

    Memory test - passed

    Disk test - failed   ERROR 3F0


    Can't do recovery from hdd, because:     "No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed."


    Any suggestions?

    I need to know if is there any solution with it... Before I buy components to recover my data from broken hdd.

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  • 06/25/16--13:10: Reinstall Windows 7
  • Neighbor installed Windows 10 over a month ago and wants to revert to Windows 7.


    Entered Product Code on Microsoft site to download the Win7 ISO but MS says, "Talk to HP!".


    Is there an ISO somewhere on


    Win 7 was pre-installed on this machince and of course neighbor did not make any backup disks.


    Thanks in advance,

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    I am not able to hpgrade to windows 10 because HP Client Security Manager will not uninstall.

    After attempting to unistall the program the HP Client Security Manager is still in the program list.  If I attempt to uninstall it again I get a message "Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid".

    I have reinstalled HP Client Security Manager and uninstalled it a couple of times with the same result. 



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    I have a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my HP Envy desktop. I installed it myself, everything went fine. However, now when I'm setting up Windows (on the screen where it says "Choose a user name for your account and name your computer to distinguish it on the network"), the keyboard nor the mouse work.


    The mouse's light on the bottom is on and both work before I boot into Windows (ie. the BIOS) and both are plugged into USB 2.0 ports. I have tried the different USB ports around the system, but that hasn't worked at this point (even though both the mouse and the keyboard worked during the earlier points of the install before the restart brought me to this screen). I have tried disabling Legacy Support in the BIOS, but that just returns an error saying "Boot Device Not Found." I have tried another keyboard which I know works on other systems, no difference here. I've researched online that some users recommend using a PS/2 keyboard, but there's no port for one on this machine. I'm literally steps from getting into my operating system, but none of the USB devices work. I've also seen suggestions about disabling EHCI or XCHI Pre-Boot Driver settings in the BIOS but I can't even find those on this BIOS. Does anyone know if maybe I'm missing a BIOS setting that could help me here or something? Thanks!

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    I have a HP Pavillion p6124c desktop which runs Vista 64 bit. I wanna upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 if possible. I was told that the specs of my desktop my not meets the minimum requirments for Windows 7. I have ZERO idea on this and I was wondering if anyone could help me out by letting me know if I can upgrade. If I can how do I do that? 



    These are the specs for my PC Thank you very much for the help.



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    Dear Guru,

    This my first HP so need help as:


    Planning to get a SSD to become boot hdd.  Original will become data/backup hdd.

    1) How can i port over the original hdd recovery partition to here and install the new ssd as the boot windows hdd so next time anything happen to my ori hdd i still can do recovery from the new ssd with valid windows license?


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  • 06/26/16--05:49: RAM HP 251-A107A
  • Hi there, I bought a  HP 251-A107A 6 months back from H Norman and feel another 4Gb of RAM might help. I havent opened it up as its still under warranty. Are there slots avbailable to accomodate axtra RAM and are there any RAM chips prefrred by HP.

    Thanks you

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  • 06/26/16--05:55: just purchased Hp 750-217C
  • install pictorial setup illistration number 2 shows HDMI, VGA and DVI. I find no VGA or DVI connections. Is a board missing?

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    I was automatically "upgraded" to Windows 10 recently and one of the several issues that has occurred is that I now an automatcially redirected to the HP Store when I open Explorer or open a new tab.  How can I stop this irritating highjacking?  I've tried to block the site in the "hosts" file but I can't modify the file because I can't get full Administrator priviledges on my personal computer in Windows 10 despite following web tips.  In any case, thanks in advance for your feedback on how to stop the redirect.

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    I am having trouble, installing  the disk to the desktop, using my USB cord.

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